The Portland Pickles, Our Adorable Amateur Baseball Team, Have a Beer

Laurelwood Brewing throws out the first pitch.

By Marty Patail June 24, 2016

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Image: Marty Patail

Timbers have Widmer. Blazers have Pyramid and 10 Barrel. Winterhawks have Alameda and Base Camp.

So it only makes sense that the Portland Pickles have Laurelwood. 

Lents Park's amateur baseball team, which began its inaugural season in the six-team Great West League on June 3, now has a beer named after it, which thankfully contains no actual pickle juice. It's an old-school pale, heavy on the bittering hops with a corresponding crisp bitter back. The label describes notes of pine and citrus, but our staff tasters found it a little less aromatic than advertised.  "I would drink this at a baseball game," said one editor.

“We are thrilled to team up with the Portland Pickles for their first of many seasons,” writes Laurelwood marketing director James Buxman in a press release. “Beer and baseball go hand in hand."

Indeed. And with only five wins in the first 14 games, fans may need more than a few bottles before the playoffs arrive in August. If things go really sour, I recommend upgrading to an actual pickleback with whiskey, neat. Go Pickles!

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