Beer Guide 2017: Top 20

20 Portland Beers We'll Be Sipping All Summer 2017

Here are the best Portland-brewed suds for hot-weather sippin'.

By Marty Patail June 12, 2017 Published in the July 2017 issue of Portland Monthly

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Image: Michael Novak

  1. Golden Ale (Laurelwood) A crisp river beer, helpfully canned

  2. Starburst IPA (Ecliptic) A six-pack made for BBQs: piney, fruity, bitter

  3. Wave Trail Amber (HUB) A Vienna take on a once-proud Northwest style: malty with a pinch of bitter

  4. Zoigl-Kölsch (Zoiglhaus) A German classic outta Lents: balanced and sessionable

  5. Sakura Gose (Burnside) A crazy mashup of salt and cherry blossoms: floral and sour

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    Image: Michael Novak

  6. Goggle Fogger Hefeweizen (Fat Head's) One of the city’s most authentic versions yet: wheaty with banana notes
  7. Pilgrimage Saison (Base Camp) Glamping-ready beer: spicy, fruity, slightly wheaty

  8. Wet Hot American Saison (Scout) An experiment with hibiscus, elderflower, and tea: crisp and delicious

  9. Architect Saison (Ruse) A dry-hopped farmhouse ale: cloudy, earthy, dry

  10. Saison Vert (Upright) A special-occasion farmhouse: hazy, fruity, winey
  11. 0717 beer 11 to 15 hnp5wo

    Image: Michael Novak

    Altbier (Occidental) A dispatch from Düsseldorf: smooth and traditional

  12. Barbarella (Sasquatch) A niche rhubarb ale goes mainstream. Dangerously addictive.

  13. Eastside Oatmeal Pilsner (Baerlic) The Southeast brewery’s “employee favorite”: smooth and slightly hoppy

  14. Helles Lager (Rosenstadt) The Munich Biergarten classic: malty, clean, golden (For now, this beer is brewed in Tigard and Estacada, but we’re giving the brewery-less “Rose City” guys a pass.)

  15. The most interesting lager in the world (Ex Novo) Germany via Mexico, quaffable, party-ready

  16. 0717 beer 16 to 20 i3kok0

    Image: Michael Novak

    Phaedrus IPA (Culmination) The epitome of a West Coast IPA: balanced but forward bitterness, floral

  17. Lunch Break Session IPA (Breakside) Let’s play hooky: balanced and citrusy

  18. Petit Classique (The Commons) All the things this brewery does best: tart, funky, earthy

  19. Ripe IPA (Great Notion) What the hazy IPA craze is all about: summery and tropical

  20. Kölschtastic (Gigantic) A liquid ode to sunshine: light and smooth

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