Ryan Reynolds Drops Hilarious New Ad for Portland-Made Aviation Gin

"An American original ... now owned by a Canadian."

By Marty Patail December 13, 2018

In case you'd forgotten: Earlier this year, human smirk Ryan Reynolds bought a stake in Portland-produced Aviation Gin. The exact percentage he now owns is unclear, but the deal was described at the time as "significant." (You can watch him telling the story behind the deal to an especially giggly Jimmy Fallon.)

Well, today the Canadian actor dropped a new commercial filled with four-hour silent meditation sessions, e-scooters, and cruelty-free juniper berries, and dripping with his unmistakable Deadpool-deadpan sarcasm. (Update: the clip was produced by Southern California–based Escape Velocity Content. See full production credits below.)

It's pretty great, even you never intend to buy a bottle. Because, you know, gin is gross. You should just watch it. 

Production Credits: 
Director / DP Bryan Rowland
Producer Alec Eskander
Production Company: Escape Velocity Content

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