Summer Beer: New Breweries

The 6 Best New Portland Breweries

The freshest spots for summer sips—plus, 4 upcoming breweries we can't wait for.

By Ryan Ashby and Marty Patail June 25, 2019 Published in the July 2019 issue of Portland Monthly

Modern Times Brewery on SE Belmont



Did you know the cabin from Goldilocks and the Three Bears sits on SE Division? I mean, it doesn’t, but the beers at this woodsy little hideout are still just right. Charles Porter and Brenda Crow launched Little Beast in Beaverton in 2017 and now brew in Clackamas. They opened the Division taproom in May 2018. Picnic tables and grassy knolls abound, providing the perfect setting to sip on Little Beast’s tart, puckery provisions. Take the bright, balanced, chamomile-flower-filled Bes Tart Wheat Ale for a spin as you lie on the lawn and argue with your pals about what that cloud in the sky looks like. 3412 SE Division St


When the Ohio-based Fat Head’s Brewery left the Pearl in 2018, the local franchise owner, Tom S. Cook, was ready to do his own thing. Cook mostly kept the brew team in place and launched Von Ebert in the same spot, to critical success. With a dauntingly delicious draft list, a flight is your best bet to sample as many oat sodas as possible. Make sure to include the juicy, tropical, and downright fluffy Sector 7 New England Style IPA. 131 NW 13th Ave


Hidden in broad daylight catty-corner to concert venue Revolution Hall, this clean, modern space is not a grocery store at all. Step inside, ascend the stairs next to a chandelier of shopping carts, and behold, a functioning brewery. A fumbled sexual harassment response and public shaming earlier this year threatened to send WCGC’s grocery-themed vision down the express checkout lane. But now things seem on track, including the beer. Chow down on the malty, chewy, hoppy pils, aptly named Peck Chillzner. 1405 SE Stark St


Founded by three former marines, this Salem-based brewery opened its second brewpub earlier this year in the Central Eastside’s newly renovated Dairy Building. (It also has taprooms in Salem and Albany.) With more than a dozen beers on tap and an ambitious food menu, it might be hard to make a snap decision. Our suggestion? Go for the light, full-bodied, slightly sweet Tropical Helles on a warm sunny summer day. Oh! There’s also a giant plane hanging in the rafters. Did we mention that? 2715 SE Eighth Ave


This spot is the offspring of co-owners/brewers Devin Benware and Shaun Kalis, who met while working at Culmination. The inviting space manages to be both warm and industrial, with an abundance of natural light. As a bonus, you might spot, or at least hear, Kalis’s adorable pet husky on the premises. Try the West Coast Translator IPA as a redolent reminder of what a bright, citrusy, dry-hopped IPA tasted like before everything went hazy. 4784 SE 17th Ave


Any place with a giant Macho Man Randy Savage piñata hanging from the rafters is a place that holds our attention. San Diego–based Modern Times moved into this cavernous, colorfully retro space, formerly occupied by the Commons, in 2018, immediately packing in crowds thirsting for its signature juicy, fruity IPAs. It’s been going well; there are even plans to expand brewery capacity into the building next door. Bonus: it’s also an under-the-radar vegan joint, with a killer Beyond Meat coconut “cheese” burger. 630 SE Belmont St

... And 4 Future Places We Can’t Wait For

Opening soon (construction and licensing woes permitting!), here are new beer spots to keep an eye out for.

AWAY DAYS (Update: currently open!)

Neighboring English pub Toffee Club took over this small brewery—formerly Scout Brewing—this winter. A separate business, it can nonetheless supply beer for Toffee’s soccer-crazed clientele. Expect drinkability over experimentation, with an emphasis on European lagers, pilsners, and ales. Perfect for early-morning footy. 1516 SE 10th Ave


After selling its beers at farmers markets and a few stores around Portland and on the coast, the city’s only kosher-certified brewery is getting a new taproom this summer in a funky teal house near Mount Tabor. In addition to hosting two food carts outside, Leikam will sell kosher packaged snacks and, says co-owner Sonia Marie Leikam, can arrange kosher catered meals with advance notice. 5812 E Burnside St


This 13-year-old Eugene brewery is establishing a beachhead in Portland with a new 30-tap beer hall, expected to open this summer in the former Old Salt Marketplace. The beer hall will serve some of Oakshire’s small-batch “pilot” beers, only a few of which have been available on tap in Portland before now. 5027 NE 42nd Ave


Brewmaster Ben Dobler—a longtime Portland beer vet who’s produced beer at Widmer, BridgePort, and Laurelwood—is aiming to open a 6,000-square-foot brewery in Industrial Northwest Portland by late fall. Look for “tried-and-true classics,” says Dobler. “We’re kind of coming full-circle back on all the older styles.” 2389 NW Wilson St

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