Cool Off with Portland’s Essential Boozy Slushies, Shakes, and Floats

If you like piña coladas…

By Fiona McCann July 24, 2019 Published in the August 2019 issue of Portland Monthly

The Oaxacan Sunrise at Hey Love

Image: Michael Novak

Thank climate change (or just the power of frosé): frozen booze is here to stay. And it’s particularly welcome now that Portland’s once gentle summers have devolved to a triple-digit, ash-covered dystopia. Yes, almost anything out of a slushie machine tastes good on a hazy-hot day, but some of the city’s best bartenders are taking cold comforts to new heights. Here are our favorite coolers with serious boozy benefits. 

Tasty n Daughters’ Improved Cuba Libre
Remember the ice cream float of your childhood, the clink and fizz that preceded a dizzy sugar high? It’s all grown up now at Tasty n Daughters. Tenders dunk light, house-made cardamom ice cream in spicy-sweet Plantation Dark rum and Boneyard’s CBD King Cola for a bright, fizzy finish. Skim the crackling foam on top as the rich rum kick reminds you adulthood has its perks.

Quaintrelle’s Strawberries & Champagne
Is it dessert or a sweet, creamy cocktail? Don’t know, don’t care. A triple hit of strawberry buttermilk ice cream, sorbet, and Grand Marnier–macerated berries brightens this coral cooler. Cava cuts the sugar bite and adds an effervescent bloom to match the sweet musk of fresh elderflowers on top. 

Hey Love’s Oaxacan Sunrise

First served at a brunch for a group of Latina DJs called Noche Libre, and added to the regular rotation by popular demand, this sunburst in a cactus-shaped glass is bright, fun, and probably dangerous. A sweet strawberry slushie bleeds into passion fruit purée and mezcal, while a lipstick stain of hibiscus salt on the rim doubles down: this is a desert dance party in liquid form, and everyone’s invited. 

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