Few foods are more celebratory than barbecue. It’s the kind of smoky, meat-forward meal that conjures up the joy of sunny weather, shorts and sandals on, music blasting, while family and friends (and their friends’ friends, too) gather and chow down. But if grilling hot dogs and hamburgers is more your speed and you’d like to leave the ribs and brisket-smoking to the pros, we’ve picked out the prime Portland spots for Southern-style barbecue. Grilled meat traditions from Mexico to the Philippines to the Mariana Islands abound in our city, too. Want to do the grilling yourself? Read about the history of some of Portland’s finest barbecue sauces and dry rubs, or try your hand at making fish sauce caramel ribs.

In This Feature:

Portland’s Best Spots for Smoky Southern Barbecue

Where to get tender smoked brisket, fall-off-the-bone ribs, and scrumptious sides in Portland, and beyond.

05/20/2022 By Katherine Chew Hamilton

Beyond Barbecue: Portland's Ultimate Grilled Meat Spots

Chen's Good Taste, Chochu Local, El Pollo Feliz, Jamaica House, K-Town BBQ, and Magna Kusina offer their own takes on char-kissed barbecue.

06/06/2022 By Katherine Chew Hamilton

Tory Campbell Keeps his Grandparents' Barbecue Legacy Alive, One Dry Rub at a Time

Tory Campbell's grandparents opened Campbell’s Barbecue in the ‘80s, and he’s selling those same sauces, dry rubs, and links in their honor.

05/25/2022 By Katherine Chew Hamilton

Make These Sticky, Saucy Pork Ribs from Oma’s Hideaway

These Vietnamese, Chinese, Malaysian, and Lao-influenced ribs will steal the show at your next barbecue.

06/07/2022 By Katherine Chew Hamilton