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11 Bars Serving Zero-Proof Cocktails in Portland

Looking for places to hang out during Dry January? Want a mocktail that’s more exciting than cranberry seltzer? Look no further.

By Katherine Chew Hamilton

The Jungle Flower, a tiki-inspired zero-proof cocktail available at the Green Room/Multnomah Whiskey Library

While there are plenty of good reasons to abstain from alcohol for the long run, during dry January, or even a single night, there admittedly aren’t many public spaces where you can go out and socialize after dark that don’t revolve around having an alcoholic drink in your hand. That’s changed in recent years, though. One of the biggest developments is the rise of nonalcoholic distilled spirits, and several are made locally, including Hood River–based Wilderton Spirits and Portland’s For Bitter For Worse. Beyond that, you’ll find ingredients ranging from house kombucha to Smith Teamaker’s blends, botanicals of all kinds, tropical fruits, and even some savory ingredients including miso. In Portland, we’ve found these bars serving mocktails far beyond the two-ingredient concoctions that nondrinkers might have been relegated to before.

Abigail Hall


The Seltzer de Corse from Abigail Hall includes steeped lavender and rose petals and tonic water.

Half the fun of cocktail drinking is ordering one with ingredients you need to Google, and the zero-ABV options at Abigail Hall are no exception. Lavender-rose petal verjus, chinchona bark, and Sanbitter all make their way into the menu’s four nonalcoholic options, which also include a negroni-inspired banana cocktail and Smith Tea chamomile fizz. 813 SW Alder St

Fools and Horses

Pearl District

“Shoots!” and Ladders, a "gin," horchata, miso, and coconut mocktail from Fools and Horses

For many, a cocktail just isn’t complete without a spirit-forward flavor, and accordingly, we’ve seen a rise in non-alcoholic spirits lately. Every mocktail on Fools and Horses’ menu includes a non-alcoholic spirit, including one with locally made botanical Wilderton Spirits and one with orangey Seedlip spirit. They’re paired with thoughtful, unusual ingredients including guava, coconut, and fennel. We’re most intrigued by the “Shoots!” and Ladders, which blends nonalcoholic gin with horchata, miso, and coconut. 226 NW 12th Ave

Hemp Bar

Mt Scott-Arleta
If you’re into CBD as a form of letting loose, Hemp Bar has a full menu of mocktails made with 20 milligrams of CBD extract from East Fork Cultivars cannabis. Many are made with kombucha, ranging from watermelon to ginger lemon, while you’ll also find one with local Wilderton nonalcoholic spirit. They’re zhuzhed up with everything from lavender to cayenne to nutmeg. 6258 SE Foster Rd

Holy Ghost

While we love the Ramos Gin Fizz at Holy Ghost, which is famously shaken for seven minutes by the bar’s very own cocktail-shaking machine, Jake the Shake a.k.a. Shake Gyllenhaal, we were pleased to learn that there’s also a non-alcoholic version of the fizz on the menu. It’s made with Lyres nonalcoholic gin, plus the usual egg white and aromatic vanilla and orange blossom water. Other options from the impressive seven mocktails include a gin-ginger-raspberry-hibiscus concoction and a whiskey chai drink. There’s also a sizable low-ABV menu for those who want to cut down on their alcohol consumption without doing away with it completely. 4101 SE 28th Ave


Old Town
This South American–inspired tapas and cocktail bar not only has a massive food menu, happy hour menu, and list of vegetarian options, but a sizable cocktail list—including four mocktails. The cleverly named Parked Plane, a play on the Paper Plane, combines non-alcoholic whiskey with Dhos bittersweet aperitif and lemon, while the Lost Collins includes tangerine, basil, lemon bitters, and grapefruit soda. 113 SW Naito Pkwy 

Multnomah Whiskey Library/The Green Room

Though you might not expect it from the name, there are typically around four nonalcoholic cocktails floating around the menus of the members-only Multnomah Whiskey Library, and two at its open-to-the-public counterpart, the Green Room. Among them, there’s a play on the classic tiki drink The Junglebird, the Jungle Flower includes Ghia non-alcoholic aperitif, pineapple, vanilla demerara syrup, and blackstrap bitters. 1124 SW Alder St


Part of the magic of the Zipper is its something-for-everyone options—not just the food, from tacos to fried chicken sandwiches to ramyun, its indoor and outdoor seating, but also the beverage menu at Paydirt. There are five nonalcoholic cocktails on the menu, each made with nonalcoholic spirits from Dhos and Pathfinder. Choose from a nonalcoholic negroni, a citrusy gin-coconut number, or one made with NA amaro, bitter rhubarb, and sea salt. 2724 NE Pacific St

Rum Club

Who says you need alcohol to get into the tropical spirit? There are four mocktails on Rum Club’s menu, made with tiki-inspired ingredients like pineapple, passion fruit, orgeat, and hibiscus. 720 SE Sandy Blvd


Like the famously sober chef Gregory Gourdet’s award-winning restaurant, Kann, that lives upstairs, the subterranean bar Sousol houses plenty of non-alcoholic cocktail options. One combines passion fruit, spiced banana shrub, and ginger, while we’re particularly intrigued by one made with beet, Dhos bittersweet cordial, cashew orgeat, and vegan-friendly frothy aquafaba. 227 SE Sixth Ave


Northwest District

Takibi's Queen Garden Swizzle includes Seedlip Garden 108 botanical spirit, Steven Smith mint tea, pineapple gum syrup, umeboshi vinegar, and lemon.

Tea is at the heart of the nonalcoholic menu at this izakaya-inspired restaurant and cocktail bar—you’ll find it in each of the three drinks, including matcha, mint tea, and a Japanese black tea called moriuchi koucha. 2275 NW Flanders St

Victoria Bar 

Just as there’s something at Victoria Bar for vegans and meat-eaters alike, there are drinks for those who want to consume alcohol as well as those who don’t. There are five mocktails on the menu, ranging from a strawberry-basil CBD drink with soda to a ginger-lime refresher made with local For Bitter For Worse nonalcoholic aperitif. 4835 N Albina Ave

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