Defeat That Cold with a Local Immune-Boosting Power Pack

Salt, Fire, & Time's immune-boosting wellness gift boxes offer an all-in-one natural way to knock out seasonal sniffles.

By Allison Jones December 16, 2014

You know it when it hits—the familiar scratch at the back of your throat, the pressure in your ears, and that foggy headache that hangs over you all afternoon. You can chug all the Emergen-C you want, but this time of year those warning signs will often morph into a full-blown cold.

Instead of turning to over-the-counter meds that may mask symptoms instead of really making you better, try some time-honored treatment care of a few local makers that want you to feel great this winter. Tressa Yellig—healing foods chef, nutrition instructor, and owner of Portland's nourishing food line Salt, Fire, & Time—has teamed up with the health experts at Puddletown Acupuncture to put together a powerful collection of healing herbs and soothing natural remedies for seasonal colds and flus. 

"The Chinese herbal packets are a great way to get ahead of a tricky bacterial or viral infection and the bone broth is there to finish the job," says Yellig. "The rest of the treats in the box are to help soothe your symptoms of discomfort and your spirit with some delicious nibbles."

Yellig's shop offers two options, available online or at Salt, Fire, & Time's Southeast Portland shop Wednesday to Friday from 11 am-7 pm and Saturday from 10 am-2 pm:

  • Wellness Gift Box: Each box contains bone broth, coconut yogurt, and kombucha from Salt, Fire, & Time, elderberry honey syrup from Mickelberry Gardens, redroot and licorice sore throat spray from Portland Apothecary, a gluten-free chicken and vegetable hand pie from Portland's Queen of Hearts, two Chinese herbal packets (one for cold symptoms and one for flu symptoms, formulated by Puddletown Acupuncture), two organic oranges, two organ meat sticks from Paleo on the Go, and a Salt, Fire, & Time sticker. ($85)
  • Immune Boosting Power Pack: Each box contains bone broth  from Salt, Fire, & Time, two Chinese herbal packets (one for cold symptoms and one for flu symptoms, formulated by Puddletown Acupuncture), two organic oranges, and an organ meat sticks from Paleo on the Go. ($40)
Next time you start feeling the bite of a winter bug, give these power packs a shot—and you can have one shipped to a friend, too. What better way to show you care?
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