Made-In-PDX Pantry: 7 New Healthy Food Companies

Paleo pancake mixes, deliciously creamy coconut yogurt, hot sauce with soul, and all-natural bitters for your conscious home bar

By Allison Jones January 13, 2015

Dreamboat Coconut Yogurt

THE STORY: The first made-in-Portland, non-dairy yogurt on the market that is fermented without any sugar or additives, this cultured farmers market favorite comes in cute 16 ounce glass jars and is casein-free, non-GMO, and pesticide-free. Packed with probiotics and healthy fats, we use this tangy, tasty treat as a substitute for yogurt, whipped cream, and sour cream.

FIND IT: Alberta Co-op, People's Co-op, Food Front Northwest, Green Zebra Grocery, Hillsdale Farmers Market, and served in vegan parfaits at Gigi's Cafe on SW Capitol Highway

Plum foods

THE STORY: This fledgling catering and baking company offers a variety of gluten-free and gluten-full breads, cookies, and cakes in addition to soups and veggie entrees delivered to your door. In 2015, the sustainable kitchen will offer "prep boxes" filled with all the ingredients you need to follow an included recipe and whip up dinner or dessert without the shopping or slicing—think eggplant with goat cheese and caramelized onions, stuffed artichokes, maple pecan french toast, and fried sweet potatoes with coconut and black pepper.

FIND IT: Lents International Farmers Market, Mt. Scott Market on SE Foster and 101st, Fruit Face Smoothies, and via Plum's online shop

Soul hot sauce

THE STORY: Soul Hot Sauce aims to offer versatile and balanced heat made with all natural fruit and vegetable ingredients, all while dedicating 10% of profits to charity (with the aim of donating 50% of proceeds in the future). The company started with a vegan and gluten-free red pepper sauce and just finished a successful Kickstarter campaign to launch Soul Green, a tomatillo and jalapeño-based sauce sweetened with raisin and dried banana. 

FIND IT: Food Fight grocery, Alberta Co-op, Beaumont Market, Belmont Bodega, Cherry Sprout Market, Food Front Coop, Made Here PDX, P's & Q's Market, Otto's Sausage, Sheridan Fruit Company, Shut Up and Eat, and World Foods Portland

On the Go Paleo Mixes

THE STORY: SE Portland-based On the Go Paleo blends signature grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free hot cereal, pancake, and pizza crust mixes to make eating paleo that much easier. Made with coconuts, almonds, pecans, chia seeds, flaxseeds, konjac root, and spices, the family-owned company's hot cereals hit that nostalgia for maple oatmeal (just add hot water!), and their protein-packed pancake blends get the day off to a great start. 

FIND IT: Wild Mountain Paleo Market and Amazon

Portland Bitters Project

THE STORY: These botanic bitters and herbal tinctures are made with heart from organic, therapeutic-grade roots, leaves, fruit, and seeds and are perfect for cocktails and culinary uses. In flavors like Woodland Bitters with Douglas fir, vanilla, and bitter orange, Pitch Dark Cacao with locally roasted cacao, vanilla, and dandelion, and traditional aromatic bitters with gentian, mugwort, bitter orange, peppermint, star anise, cardamom, allspice, dandelion, and quassia, PBP bitters are free of thickeners, artificial coloring, and additives. 

FIND IT: Etsy, Division Wines, The Meadow, and Pairings Portland Wine Shop, or in cocktails at the Driftwood Room and Laurelhurst Cafe

Portland Paleo Cookies and Cakes

THE STORY: Confession time: Portland Paleo saved my holiday season. Tasked with bringing a gluten-free, dairy-free pie to Thanksgiving and New Year's gatherings, this small but mighty company's pumpkin pies and chocolate cream pies were an obvious choice (and were an unequivocal hit). The company's line of 100% paleo treats includes pies, ice cream sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon spice cookies, double chocolate cookies, and mousse cups—all made by inspirational women who have battled cancer and MS with nutrient dense, paleo food.
FIND IT: Cultured Caveman, Lamb's Strohecker's, People's Co-op, select New Seasons locations, and online


THE STORY: Market Street Granola, a longtime fan favorite available exclusively at New Cascadia's SE Portland bakery and cafe, is now available at New Seasons Markets around town, and will be in Whole Foods Markets by February. The crunchy certified gluten-free granola is packed with toasted hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, dried cherries and apricots, and lightly sweetened with a blend of brown sugar, maple syrup, and honey.

FIND IT: New Seasons Market and New Cascadia's bakery

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