A Portland Water Bottle Company Offers Made-in-the-USA Love

You've gotta hydrate to be great, so why not show some Portland pride with a locally designed bottle with a heart of gold?

By Mary Stutzman April 7, 2015

For Minna Yoo, love is in the water—the water bottle that is. The local founder of Love Bottle built her company around sustainability; her next move is to keep it in the country.

Recently, Love Bottle teamed up with Owens-Illinois Glass, the largest glass manufacturer in the world, to produce the first personal glass water bottle made entirely in America. Love Bottle’s new seven-week kickstarter campaign aims to raise $30,000 for increased manufacturing costs to help attain this goal.

Yoo’s concern for the environment goes all the way back to middle school where she convinced the cafeteria to ditch Styrofoam trays started a recycling club. In 2008, she started Love Bottle to battle the 200 billion plastic bottles consumed annually across the globe, but America’s high minimum order requirements forced the company to send some of the manufacturing overseas. Now, all the components from the tapered glass bottle to the ceramic lids can be made in America, with love. 

The heart imprinted on each bottle sends a positive message with every sip, representing Yoo’s philosophy that drinking and thinking optimistically throughout the day can change the way a person feels. Coming this summer, the American-made Love Bottles will sport new Oregon-centric designs by local artist Dan Stiles, featuring colorful geometric patterns of mountains, rivers, and forests splattered with Portland personality.

But it’s not just a Northwest thing. With retail locations from Oregon from to New York, the bottles’ popularity is spreading. Lots of people—including Neil Patrick Harris and the Backstreet Boys—love their Love Bottles...and it all springs from Portland. We'll drink to that.

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