Bluehour Unveils a Behind-the-Bar Juicer for Veggie-Powered Cocktails

"Hey bartender, there's radish juice in my drink!"

By Allison Jones May 12, 2015

Trend watchers, take note. After conquering our post-workout routines and the drink menus of healthy restaurants around town, the fresh juice phenomenon is poised to take over old-school Portland cocktails—well, at least at one Pearl District bar. 

Bluehour's bar manager Giselle Minshull has been spending a lot of time in the kitchen's walk-in produce fridge dreaming up creative ways to incorporate freshly pressed juices into her new cocktail menu. A few highlights from the market-fresh list:
  • Carrot Juice Bloody Mary: A rooted spin on the classic hearty "breakfast in a glass" cocktail—complete with a kick of spice from Secret Aardvark hot sauce.
  • Sweet Pea French 75: Combines the juice of sweet peas and/or snow peas with gin, lemon, and bubbles.
  • Straw & Pine: Blends juice from fresh strawberries, St. George Terroir Gin, lemon, and agave served in a collins glass topped with soda. "I used to muddle whole fir tips before I found this amazing gin that has a lovely piney, earthy flavor that works even better," shares Minshull.
  • Amaretto Sour: The classic cocktail gets an earthy, ruby boost with juiced beets.

Doin' a detox? Just want to skip the booze? Order up a non-alcoholic "Dealers Choice" cocktail, using the juice from a few organic fruits and veggies topped with ginger beer or soda water. Think radish and ginger juice muddled with a pinch mint, sorrel, and basil, served on the rocks and topped with ginger beer. Now that's fresh.

250 NW 13th Ave 

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