Kure's West End Location Will Debut with New Menu of Salads, Soups, and Macro Bowls

Come September, Portlanders hungry for a healthy hot lunch (in addition to their favorite green smoothies) will have another option, thanks to a new model from the veteran juice pushers.

By Allison Jones July 29, 2015

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Image: Kure

It's a question we've received every day in some form—from coworkers, loved ones, yoga students, and Twitter friends—since we broke the news in January: "When is the new Kure location opening?!" Well, thirsty reader, we've got news. And it's hot.

Kure's West End location at SW 12th and Stark was originally slated for an April opening, but construction delays and a massive menu expansion have pushed the debut to early September. Owner Nate Higgins promises us it will be worth the wait: "This location will feature hot macro bowls, salads, and a rotating selection of organic, vegan soups which will be dressed up much like our acai bowls, with an emphasis on the toppings."

The new food menu will be organic, vegan, and designed to appeal to "both health food junkies and gluttonistas alike" (Higgins himself self-identifies somewhere in between). Smoothie and juice lovers, have no fear—the full juice bar menu will still be available in addition to the new savory made-to-order offerings, and will be joined by three brand-new acai bowls and smoothies.

With the new space, Higgins and his team launch a new phase of the company. The West End restaurant will be known as Kure, not Kure Juice Bar, and will develop its own identity independent of the three juice bars across the city. "This vision for Kure has been around from the inception of the business," explains Higgins, "and the plan had always been to launch a separate concept entirely rather than adapt the existing Kure Juice Bar model. Since signing our lease at SW Stark a year and a half ago, and with the neighborhood growing so quickly around us, we realized this was the perfect time and place to deliver our fully realized concept to the city."

Kure's recipe masters are hard at work designing the new full-scale menu, as well as a retail line of raw crackers and five different bottled almond milks, including turmeric, matcha, blueberry, strawberry, and original. In the meantime, a new grab-and-go menu will launch at the original three Kure Juice Bar locations the first week of August.

Stay tuned for menu updates—we'll be the first to share the hot details.

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