These Five New Portland Gyms Will Keep Your Workout Fresh

From a circus performer-turned-Pilates innovator to a kettlebell-focused gym, here’s a fistful of hot new fitness options.

By Katelyn Best and Zach Dundas June 24, 2016 Published in the Health Annual: Summer 2016 issue of Portland Monthly

Pmha 16 fitness begin pilates rjopl9

Begin Pilates

Former circus performer-turned-Pilates innovator Maria Mankin developed the Grace Pilates method to improve her aging mother’s range of motion. Mankin notes: “‘Begin to love your core’ is our motto—the inside layer of your muscles.” 

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Health Club

The brainchild of a nurse practitioner, an RN, and a musician, Health Club aims to bring barbell training to the people—especially people who have struggled with body image or eating disorders. Members have access to both barbell equipment and fellow lifters for support and encouragement. 

Pmha 16 fitness orange theory fvndxd


This bright-hued international chain is proliferating in the Lloyd District, Tigard, Cedar Mill, and West Linn, offering a structured 60-minute interval workout complete with heart monitoring and personal trainers.

Pmha 16 fitness align fitness gkof7a

Align Fitness

Sellwood Yoga’s new, high-energy sister studio offers a range of cardio- and strength-based classes: boot camp, interval training, TRX (total resistance exercise), and barre. “Yoga is the yin,” co-owner Bill Wyland explains. “Align Fitness is the yang.” 

Pmha 16 fitness warrior room qba2tv

Warrior Room

The kettlebell-focused Milwaukie gym recently added a Southeast Portland location for its species of cannonball-shaped weights, which originated in Russia and serve as “devastatingly effective” (says Warrior Room) tools to develop strength, cardio capacity, balance, and rotational strength.

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