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Image: Michael Novak

Pacifica Beauty Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes
Get rid of makeup before you lift—and banish sweat when you’re done—with coconut water, papaya, and calming aloe vera. $6,

North St. Bags
Your exercise ensemble shows off your style—shouldn’t your carryall do the same? This Portland company’s backpacks and duffels will give your gear a bright, minimalist home. Prices vary,

Mobot Foam Roll Water Bottle
Part hydration vessel, part post-workout muscle massage, this bottle/roller  is a favorite of the Portland Thorns. Starts at $40,

Portland Headband Co Track Star Headband
With a clever velvet lining to prevent slippage, these bands are hand-sewn by a local firefighter in a plethora of colors, widths, and prints. $14,

Bar Wonder Herbal Deodorant
Made by aromatherapy expert Vicki Seabrook, this stick deploys coconut oil, baking soda, cornstarch, probiotics, and essential oils to combat odors without harsh chemicals. $26,

Weller Tribe Hand Sanitizer
A spritz from this handy spray bottle harnesses antibacterial essential oils like lime, wild orange, lavender, and eucalyptus, making your weights regimen a little less germy. $9.99,

Rawdacious Rbars
These whole-food energy bars—packed with raw nuts, dried cherries and apricots, flaxseeds, and cacao nibs—will refuel you with just six grams of sugar. $20 for 10 bars,

Urban Oreganics Dry Shampoo
This post-workout powder will revive your coiffure with natural ingredients like organic arrowroot and oil-absorbing kaolin clay. $12,

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