Cannabis: Soak It Up

Our 10 Favorite New Cannabis Products, Shops, and Events

From unicorn pipes to exploding edibles to weed perfume, here's what we're loving right now.

By Rebecca Jacobson and Marty Patail February 26, 2019 Published in the March 2019 issue of Portland Monthly

Silver Lining Ceramics

The Pipe

Portland’s ceramic smokeware scene is already teeming with top-notch talent. The competition got even stronger with the arrival of Katie Marks, who moved her confetti pattern-splattered Silver Lining Ceramics from Seattle to Portland last fall, golden-horned rainbow unicorn pipes to psychedelic “kitty” pipes. Be warned: her work sells out fast.

The Book

Whether you need to consult the glossary for the definition of “dank” or are ready to dive into the wild flavor wheel of terpenes, Grow Your Own (from local publisher Tin House) is your one-stop resource. With diagrams on rolling a joint, gardening how-tos, and a chapter devoted to cooking with cannabis, it’s an authoritative yet approachable tome.

The Podcast

On This Is Cannabis, Lee Henderson of HiFi Farms and cannabis educator/consultant Emma Chasen talk with the makers and shakers of Oregon weed (including several featured in this issue). The conversations are brainy, wide-ranging, and lively, with occasional diversions about poetry or ecstatic dance.

Image: Michael Novak

The Perfume

There was a time you might have wanted to eliminate—or at least disguise—the smell of cannabis on your person. Weird, right? In 2019 you can waft that scent proudly. Enter Imeon, a super-limited cannabis perfume collaboration from local cannabis lifestyle magazine Broccoli and PDX fragrance house Olo, derived from the Purple Hindu Kush strain. With hints of old forest and new plant growth, the scent shakes you out of couch-lock with its fresh, outdoorsy nose.

The Film Festival

Billed as a fest “made by the stoned for the stoned,” SPLIFF comes from the folks behind Hump, the amateur porn extravaganza created by Seattle's Dan Savage. The first-ever installment hits Portland April 20 (good timing, that), featuring original shorts exploring weird and weedy themes. Maximum film length? 4:20, of course.

The Edible

Chocolate-covered coffee beans, dainty mints, spiced nuts: the world of edibles is vast and ever more sophisticated. But for a literal burst of giddy-making nostalgia, pick up a packet of Dynamites, a Pop Rocks-esque candy from Junk by Leif Goods. They’ll explode on your tongue—and blow your inner 7-year-old’s mind.

The Topical

Dry, cracked skin? Bend-based High Desert Pure’s cannabis lotion promises a non-oily moisturizer loaded with 250mg of THC and CBD in every bottle. It’s not psychoactive (translation: it won’t get you high) but packs in mango plus shea and cocoa butters (among other natural ingredients) to soften your skin.

Ladies of Paradise

The Boutique

SE Division Street’s Ladies of Paradise is where all your cannabis influencer dreams come true. The baby-pink-walled boutique boasts pipes of all persuasions (from local brand Stonedware’s classy GeoPipes to cheekier options shaped like bananas or crushed soda cans), a dizzying array of CBD products (candles, face serums, bath bombs, truffles), and racks of stoner-chic tees and sweatshirts (one reads “Higher than a spaceship”; another is embossed simply with “WEED”). Snap a selfie against the cannabis-leaf wallpaper and watch your Instagram blow up.

The Papers

Add a little pizzazz to your rolling routine with Shine’s 24k-gold rolling papers. An unexpected blingy bonus: Joints rolled in gold not only burn slower, but also leave behind golden ash in your tray. Do you need this? To be honest, you don’t. But don’t let that stop you.

The Strain

Sometimes less is more. For people who aren’t heavy smokers, there’s the sativa-dominant Harlequin, a low-THC, high-CBD strain that’s perfect for a quick, relaxing buzz. The high CBD count is also known to help with physical pain. Available at many dispensaries, including

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