8 Places in Portland that Deliver Weed to You

Kick back, call up one of these dispensaries or cannabis delivery services, and let your weed come to you.

By Gabriel Granillo

There are plenty of reasons to avoid stepping into a brick-and-mortar dispensary. They can be overwhelming or out of the way. Or maybe, for medical reasons, a visit to a dispensary is simply not in the cards. Let's all agree that getting weed shouldn't be another chore.

There are other options. 

Here are some selections from the ever-growing list of dispensaries and cannabis services that offer delivery in the Portland area. Be sure to check websites for specific information on rules, delivery windows, payment information, and more. In general, deliveries can be made to residences only, and cannot be made to hotels, dorms, or businesses. And they're cash-only or are limited to certain online payment platforms.

Bridge City Collective

Minimum order: No minimum order, $5 delivery fee

Delivery area: Within five miles of its Southeast location (215 SE Grand Ave) 

This dispensary (with two locations, in North and Southeast Portland), which focuses on the artistic, scientific, and medicinal aspects of marijuana, recently started offering delivery. And for your first order, they'll waive the $5 delivery fee. Lucky you.


Minimum order: $30, with $5 delivery fee

Delivery area: Portland city limits

Seize the day at Diem. From their humble beginnings in Independence, Oregon, Diem is focused on cultivating clean cannabis and delivering it from their farm to your front door (with delivery options in Portland and Salem). Sometimes weed can be overwhelming, but Diem’s easily navigable menu and educational blogs make it accessible to everyone—which is how it should be.

Green Box

Minimum order: $50, with $5 delivery fee for orders under $100

Delivery area: Portland city limits

Green Box was founded in 2016 by Adrian Wayman, a Black and gay entrepreneur, and his father-in-law, Bob Wayman, a Vietnam War veteran. Subscription plans include one, two, or three boxes (for $100–270, paid up front) of assorted goods from edibles to beverages, prerolls to premium flower.

Green Gratitude Cannabis

Minimum order: $40 for all orders to Northeast and Southeast; $100 minimum order for North Portland and the west side

Delivery area: Portland city limits

Become best buds with the folks at Green Gratitude Cannabis, which has been operating since 2014. Unfortunately, the daily in-store deals don’t apply to delivery, but if you’re looking get your cannabis delivered to any address in Portland, Green Gratitude on SE Holgate will get it to you—free of charge. 

Kush Cart

Minimum order: $40

Delivery area: Portland city limits

Kush Cart believes that getting cannabis shouldn’t be an added hassle to the daily grind, so they’ve created a fun, easy-to-use online ordering platform to get weed to your door in one to three hours. Not sure exactly what you want? Shop using categories like “creative,” “uplifting,” “sleepy,” and more.  


Minimum order: $35, in-town recreational; $100, out-of-town medical

Delivery area: Portland city limits (can deliver out of town for medical purposes)

This delivery-only collective is somewhat new to the cannabis scene in Portland but offers an extensive menu of top-shelf cannabis and cannabis accessories. They're like Hank Hill, but dope. "Pound for pound the dopest." Their words.


Minimum order: no minimum order

Delivery area: Portland city limits

PotMates (kind of like PostMates, but you know) believes you don’t need to study geography to figure out if you can get your weed delivered to you. Choose from the extensive and carefully curated menu, and they’ll get it to you no matter where you are (as long as you’re in Portland).

Urban Farmacy

Minimum order: $50

Delivery area: Portland city limits

Much love to this Northeast dispensary that opened up on Valentine's Day of 2014. Since then Urban Farmacy has been a hub for cannabis education. Now they're offering delivery through Leafly and Weedmaps. Note: as with many cannabis services, all sales must be paid in cash. Not that plastic stuff. 

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