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Buy Here Now: Real Estate 2008

Why Portland is still America’s Hottest Hometown

Edited by Kasey Cordell May 19, 2009 Published in the April 2008 issue of Portland Monthly

YOU PROBABLY already have plenty of reasons for building your nest in Portland: a vast network of bike-friendly streets, a 60-minute drive to the slopes or the surf, and nearly 30 farmers markets, to name a few. But in our annual real estate roundup, we wanted to give you a couple more—like the fact that as the rest of the country settles into a housing market slump, the Rose City finds itself, for now at least, in a sea of relative calm. We also track down seven trends shaping how and where we live, and give you an inside peek at six of the city’s hottest hoods. Of course, when it comes to buying your first house, or upgrading to another, we understand that sometimes it’s the cold, hard facts that really matter. Which is why, once again, we’ve compiled vital statistics on crime rates, housing prices, commute times and more for 120 Portland neighborhoods. If, after perusing our guide, you can’t help but feel a self-satisfied smile tugging at your lips, go ahead and let it out. After all, living here gives you plenty to brag about.

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