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My Vegetable Garden’s TV Debut

featuring mâche – a fantastic early spring green

By Kate Bryant April 21, 2010

Chef, cooking instructor, event organizer, owner of Keuken and amazing bundle of energy Blake Van Roekel

So a little patch of mâche growing in my vegetable garden will be on KPTV Fox 12’s Better Portland on Thursday April 22 at 1:45 pm!

What’s the story, you ask? Well, last month, I was chatting about my favorite early spring green, mâche, with Blake Van Roekel, chef and owner of Keuken. Blake has a monthly cooking segment on KPTV Fox 12’s Better Portland and she’s quite the hot chef. Blake decided it would be fun to harvest the mâche from my garden and try some of her culinary magic on it – on TV! So to my little vegetable patch came super-cool Lifestyle Reporter Brooke Carlson and ultra-suave photographer Eric Patterson – plus lovely Miss Blake, of course – and the photo fiesta began. (Click on that Slideshow for behind-the-scenes photos.)

After harvesting the mâche, Blake and the team toodled off to her kitchen where she prepared a delicious yet simple meal, with easy instructions on how to make it at home. I won’t spoil the story by telling you what she made – you’ll just have to follow the Better Portland link to see if they put up a video of it on line after it airs. The program runs from 1-2 pm – Blake’s segment (with me and my mâche in it) starts at 1:45 pm.

For more information on growing mâche, read this.

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