a musical interlude

Pogo’s Mum

an ethereal portrait of a gardener

By Kate Bryant April 29, 2011

Nick Bertke, known as Pogo in the scene, is a music/video artist who has been meddling with sound and visuals since he was two. This gorgeous video of his mother gives a feel for his connection with her and for hers with her garden, which looks distinctly Australian to me: I see grass trees (Xanthorrhoea ), tea tree (Leptospermum ), bottle brush (Callistemon ), gum trees (Eucalyptus ) and more native Aussie plants, as well as loads of exotic succulents. Enjoy the play of light, the movement of the dry wind in the trees, and what he’s done with her gentle, marvelously expressive voice.

Thanks, Derek at Plantgasm, for the link. I can’t stop listening to it… And if you fall in love with it too, you can buy it here.

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