A Chic Garden Throne

For the mom who has it all, the Queen of Love chair from Italy is hip, fun, and comfortable.

By Teri Gelber May 2, 2011


Queen of Love in an array of colors

Are you over those Adirondack chairs that came with the house twenty years ago? If so, it’s time for the Queen of Love to move in. The oversized throne takes plastic furniture in a new whimsical direction. Made in Italy from brightly colored recyclable polyethylene, the chair comes in lots of snappy UV resistant colors. Children and pets, have at it! Stains just wipe away.

Designers Graziano Moro and Renato Pigatti have had their feet in the fashion and design world for a long time. With a vision toward the future, they look to create something different and also a bit ironic. For this line of furniture, Alice in Wonderland hooks up with Louis XV in a modern colorful world. The snuggling factor is high in these big-enough-for-two seats. Matching poufs and garden pots can be ordered to match your new lawn chairs, and, there’s one for the kids too. Beware…bunnies, squirrels, and fashionistas will all invite themselves over to sit in your new chairs under the towering Doug Firs.

Exclusively available in Oregon at Twist
30 NW 23rd Place
(503) 224-0334

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