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Solar Shades at IKEA

Appropriate for rain or shine, these colorful solar-powered lights from IKEA are sure to perk up any porch or deck—and are a deal at $9.99 apiece.

By Amara Holstein May 27, 2011

Whether you’re hosting a huge taco party for friends, or an intimate dinner for two, there’s something about hanging lights that lends an air of raffish festivity to the mix. These lanterns from IKEA come in four vibrant hues—turquoise, yellow, pink, and white—and are a good buy at $9.99. But perhaps even better? They’re run by the sun (or at least, natural light, for those of us in Portland).

The Solvinden lights are powered by a small rechargeable AA battery. Put it outside, give it about 9 hours (or over 12 on a cloudy day), and you’ll have a full 12 hours of illumination from these lamps before having to charge their batteries again.

Since there are no cords to wrangle, you can hang them anywhere you please—which is ideal when decorating outside. Suspend a few from tree branches, festoon them over your sun umbrella, or link them in a chain over your table. With their happy pops of color, they’d look good anywhere.

Plus, they’re not only a good deal to buy, but they’re free to maintain. Just find some natural light and let them soak up some sun, and they’re ready to shine.

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