Vintage Vases at Una

This jewel box boutique in Southeast has a changing selection of fun and affordable vintage pottery I can’t say no to.

By Teri Gelber May 18, 2011


Vintage Pottery Finds at Una

Una, a tiny boutique in Southeast, is known for its offbeat fashion. Curated by one of Portland’s most tasteful buyers, Una crosses elegant everyday frivolity with utilitarian sensibilities. Scattered among the dresses, shirtings, and scarves you’ll find intriguing objects for domestic life. Owner, Giovanna Parolari, is a serious scavenger, a thrift store whiz, who can zero in on an object that others would pass up as junk. And while I check in every season to see what beautiful clothing she’s peddling, I regularly go by to treat myself to one of her funky finds: a vintage dish or ceramic vase. There’s always room in my budget for a cheap and cheerful trinket for the house.

Rows of pottery line the long wooden shelf above the dress rack (made by her husband, John Taboada of Navarre).* Like a kid in a candystore, I’m dizzy trying to decide which vase to take off the shelf.* The vases are grouped together by color (sometimes), making it easy to weed through the changing inventory. From handmade funky to matte art pottery to tea-time British, there’s something for every vintage pottery lover. My last trip to Una, I took home a stunning robin’s egg blue matte vase and a deep blue and brown vessel with artful drips, both for under $20. These are no-name pieces without impressive stamps on the bottom, but for the price, it doesn’t matter. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect, one-size-fits-all vase, but until I find it, I just keep on shopping. If you know of one, send it my way. In the meantime, I’ll keep visiting Una, one of my favorite places for all things beautiful.

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