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Photos from the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon’s Study Weekend

The gardens of Michael Schultz and Will Goodman

By Kate Bryant June 28, 2011

The garden of designer Michael Schultz and his partner Will Goodman is a study in contrasts: classical and modern, complex and simple, goofy and elegant, inviting and mysterious, and certainly, both wild and restrained.

Since Schultz is a connoisseur and aficionado of interesting plants, as well as a designer, it took me nearly two hours to make my way through the garden’s myriad "rooms" or sections, all fit onto three adjoining city lots.

I’ll let the photos do the talking. (Although the bright midday sun washed them out so that they are undoubtedly not saying as much as they could.) And do recommend that if the garden should open again in the future, be on the lookout and don’t miss an opportunity to experience its myriad pleasures.

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