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Weather for Gardeners

the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon offers a class on understanding our climate from a gardener’s perspective

By Kate Bryant October 13, 2011

Paul Bonine photo courtesy of Timber Press

Weather is notoriously difficult to predict. We all talk about the weather endlessly but those of us who like to push the boundaries of hardiness in our gardens have a certain investment in knowing a little more about the art and science of weather prediction. It can mean the difference between losing precious, newly-planted plants or gaining bragging rights in spring as said plants sail through the frost and flower magnificently, to the amazement of friends and family…

Portland is fortunate enough to have a serious weather nerd, Paul Bonine (co-owner of wholesaler Xera Plants and author of Timber Press’s Black Plants) to illuminate some of the stickier aspects of weather for us, including what hardiness zones really are, how to make the best use of our gardens’ microclimates, the best ways to prepare for extremes of heat and cold, and how climate change may affect future weather and our gardens.

WHAT: 2011 Garden School: The Ways of the Weather in the Garden class taught by Paul Bonine
WHEN: Tuesday Oct 18th, 7pm
WHERE: Multnomah Arts Center
COST: $10 – preregistration is recommended. Go here to do that.

There will be a small Xera plant sale before and after the program.

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