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By Kate Bryant February 20, 2012

If you love plants, you’re always looking for a new part of the house to colonize with growing things. I just saw this in Anthropologie’s sale section (on line only). In the right spot, this could be a winner!

It comes with potting medium — you could try some 1970s "vintage" houseplants like variegated spider plant or pothos, which would drape over the edges. Hanging succulents like string-of-pearls or bleeding heart vine would be fun, too, especially if interplanted with moundy succulents like the ones pictured. Or go soil-free and tuck some beautiful Tillandsia air plants around it.

If the light were hung in a dim area, you’d need to plant shade-tolerant plants like ferns, philodendron, fittonia, or little variegated ivies — or screw in a full-spectrum bulb and keep it on for at least eight hours every 24 hours so the plants get enough light to survive. (Apparently the fixture is limited to 40 watts.) Or try using those air plants as a temporary installation — sit them in the basin for a couple of weeks, then swap them out for some others you keep in a brighter part of the house. (I keep mine in the shower caddy near a bright bathroom window!)

It’s been marked down from $998 to $499.95 — whew! See it here.

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