Valentine's Day Terrariums

By Kate Bryant February 14, 2012

"My mom gave me this terrarium a few years ago and, sadly, the plant died. I just had the vessel and some bits of glass left. I wanted to bring it back to life, so I plucked a few hens-and-chicks off another container and plopped ’em in. I was inspired by a visit to Artemisia and added some black hematite sand for the base."

Recently I met up with events manager and freelance writer Xylia Buros and when our conversation turned to terrariums, I discovered that she’s been on a terrarium-making kick in recent months. Later, I went by her place to see some of her new creations.

She had taken dusty old vessels that had sentimental value to her and turned them into lovely, sparkly new terrariums by recycling the best from the old, and adding just the right bits of crystal, sand or pebbles.

Xylia has made a number of beautiful pieces recently… here are a few special ones for the day: the first, a long-ago gift from her mother that she recently revivified and transformed into something newly beautiful; one that holds special personal meaning for her; and the last, a custom commission, created for a friend for his sweetheart, in honor of their relationship.

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