Beauty and the Bike Rack

Making high art out of a storage problem.

By Kristin Belz March 4, 2012


The humble bicycle can be elevated to high art if you mount it elegantly on the wall. This walnut option is from Knife and Saw.

Chris Brigham was a Fine Arts college graduate gainfully employed as a graphic designer in San Francisco. But he found himself wanting to do more with his hands, to make something more tangible, using real, physical materials. So he “decided to turn my garage into a wood shop and start building.”

He’s been building ever since, and thank goodness. The garage dream is now a company called Knife and Saw, and he’s developed a small line of highly refined, elegant, minimalist wood furniture and accessories. The pieces – ranging from a coffee table to a crib, with bedside table, desk and cutting board in between – are available at his online shop. But the real standout is the sleekly sculptural wall-mounted bike rack.

Never again will you trip over your bike in the hallway. Brigham’s Bike Shelf fills what he drolly calls a “void when it comes to elegant bike management.” The clean-lined wood shelf has an angled slot along its front, into which the crossbar of a bicycle slides. It comes in ash or walnut, and measures about 17” long. Priced at $299, custom sizes can be ordered for $349.

Even without a bike hanging from it, the shelf is a sleek object, perfect for a few favorite books or a vase of flowers. His other designs are similarly minimal and inventive, with the most exuberant being the Scrap Table. It’s just what the name says, a way to make use of scraps of wood he has hanging around the shop. But the result looks anything but scrappy or leftover.

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