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Bright Summer Inspirations

Last call to catch the sunrays that will inspire us at home in the rainy months: buildings of Pietro Belluschi, prints of Ellsworth Kelly, and paintings of California Impressionists, on the South Park Blocks.

By Kristin Belz August 27, 2012


Don't procrastinate any longer. Check out these sunny, bright exhibits before they wrap up and the autumn rains hit: Pietro Belluschi, Ellsworth Kelly, and California Impressionist painters.  The Oregon Historical Society has its Pietro Belluschi show up through September 9. Across the South Park Blocks, the Portland Art Museum is showing the prints of Ellsworth Kelly and paintings of California Impressionists, with both shows closing September 16. 

You know you'll need the inspiration when it starts to rain, and you never know what will be inspiring. For instance, see the Kelly lithograph "Blue and Orange and Green" (pictured above) and you may find yourself inspired to buy an Arne Jacobsen Swan chair (find it at Hive Modern, in blue, or orange, or green, as well as many other colors).  

Jacobsen designed the Swan chair in 1958 for the lobby and lounge areas of the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The Kelly print dates from 1964-65.  Another of the Kelly prints (there are 80 in all, from the collection of Jordan Schnitzer), "Colors on a Grid," from 1975, may compel the purchase of an Eames credenza. 80 prints, 80 inspirations. And that's before you've even stepped into the Impressionism or Belluschi exhibits.

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