Cubes, Not for Rubes

Yube Cubes don’t take commitment, but they will help your storage needs.

By Kristin Belz August 22, 2012

Photo: Courtesy of Yube Cube
Yube Cubes can be configured into coffee tables – or reconfigured as shelves, or cabinets…



Sturdy, clean-lined storage is always a good thing to have. A storage system that you can change around depending on your needs is even better. And if it doesn’t have to be banished to the basement, but fits into any number of domestic situations? That’s storage that really scores.

By that criteria, Yube Cube’s storage system is a home run. It is indeed a system, not just some matching shelves or boxes. The Massachusetts company makes eco-friendly 13” x 13” rigid cubes that can be attached and reconfigured in numerous ways, and customized with shelves, doors, wheels, feet and, if not heads, then faces: side panels can be painted, or printed with images downloaded from your computer.

The materials are recycled. The stiff panels are made from a pulp fiber leftover after the juice has been extracted from sugarcane. The rigid frame and hardware elements are made from bamboo and a non-toxic recycled plastic. Pieces snap and slide together, and no tools are required for assembly.

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