Hometown Team Spirit

Your homies will feel the love with pillows from Schoolhouse Electric and Yellow Owl that proclaim "You are the champion...of your home."

By Kristin Belz November 26, 2012


Pillows say love. Soft and cushy, they are the comfort food of furniture, the macaroni and cheese of home decor. Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. and Yellow Owl Workshop elevate the comfort factor to championship status with pillows that tell the beholder, "You are the champion...of your home."

Schoolhouse and Yellow Owl have collaborated on a new collection of home accessories that includes four "Home Team Pennant Pillows." The pillow choices reveal something of what Schoolhouse Electric understands its customer demographic to be: natives of California, New York City, Portland, and, for good measure, a catch-all, acknowledging that there’s no place like “Home.”

The "Victory Regalia Collection" includes trophy and Greek God and Goddess Letterman-jacket-style wool chenille patterns (made by a letterjacket company in Portland) adorning wool melton pillows. The collection also includes beribboned medals trophies, literally... because everyone should feel like a star in his or her own home.

Christine Schmidt is the force behind Yellow Owl; her San Francisco company you might know from its adorable DIY stamp sets and book of how-to’s...(we’ve blogged about her before). With this new line, she's expanding with typical classy wit and humor.


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