Fieldwork's Luminous Winter Flowers

An ambitious local-first florist rolls out deep greens and brilliant whites for the season.

By Zach Dundas December 16, 2013

You might think winter would be a quiet time in a Portland florist's world, particularly an operation that emphasizes stocking Oregon-grown flowers. Not so at Fieldwork, which has become one of the go-to florists for businesses and individual clients who seek a blooming rendition of the handcrafted Portland aesthetic. (The operation's list of restaurant clients could serve as a pretty fair guidebook to the local dining scene: Ava Gene's, Broder, Beast, Whiskey Soda Lounge, Savoy Tavern...)

In fact, Fieldwork partners Megan Arambal and Annie Sanditen are making the most of this season of austere garden beds and sodden leaves. In addition to a cart at Duane Sorenson's hyper-curated Woodsman Market, Fieldwork opened a flower stand at Pastaworks on Hawthorne on Dec. 5 (with custom benches by the Good Mod). Meanwhile, the company is preparing its forthcoming South Waterfront retail space (in that embryonic 'hood's cooly angular Emery Apartments). The South Waterfront shop will officially open in time for Valentine's Day.

Deep greens. Brilliant whites. Fieldwork's winter arrangements look like Christmas colors might if Santa brought in the most judicious, style-forward editor he could find. ("First of all, Nick, lose the tired red!") In addition to indulging in their penchant for "crazy wreaths," (the one pictured at left is six feet across) Sanditen says winter gives Fieldwork a chance to work in an idiom of restraint, perhaps best captured by their locally farmed paperwhites—a splash of surprisingly local luminousness.

"We work really hard to support local flower growers and the great industry here in Oregon," Sanditen says, "and not rely solely on flowers from New Zealand and South America all winter."



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