Dwell Magazine's Showpiece Modern House Debuts in PDX

The sleek design mag unveils its collaboration with GM's Monogram appliances brand.

By Mary Stutzman April 23, 2015

This is the house that Dwell...designed. This spring, the interior design magazine teamed up with GM’s Monogram brand to bring modern to the masses in a different way. Instead of a traditional showroom, they built a whole house—and they’re taking it on a roadtrip.

In an interview with Portland Monthly, Dwell CEO Michela O’Connor Abrams describes the model home as “high-end, intelligent, and extremely well-designed for the chef.” The 825-square-foot layout, a modular prefab built by Seattle's Method Homes, comprises two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a large kitchen complete with Monogram’s innovative appliances (an oven you can preheat from your smart phone, for example).

“It’s beautiful modern design which embodies technology, innovation, aesthetics, and sustainability,” says Abrams. “I won’t call it the ‘house of the future’ because we hope it’s the house of today.”
The house will play host to a number of events over the weekend, including lectures on refrigeration and cooking technology, a session titled “The New Face of Affluence,” as well as fine dining. Select Portland designers are invited to “influencer dinners” where they can meet and eat with Dwell and Monogram executives to talk about entertaining design while being entertained.
Why start in PDX? Abrams says for a smart house, Portland seemed like a smart move.
“Portland has undergone a great evolution of bringing intelligent design into a city,” she says. “It’s full of great design-minded people, and I think you can see really great architects doing work there. So starting on the West Coast, that was the first choice before we move on to L.A.”
The Monogram Modern Home arrives at 1100 SE Grand Ave (Adjacent to Rejuvenation), April 25-26.

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