Buckminster Fuller Inspired These Aggressively Angular Portland-Made Lamps

North for the Summer debuts a lighting line that channels the great midcentury design thinker.

By Alex Madison October 21, 2015

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“It’s more than just a lamp,” says Cole Gerst, founder of Portland design studio North for the Summer. “It’s an architectural statement.”

This fall, the brand-new design company debuted its first collection, the Andromeda Lighting Series: a seven-model line including table, pendant, and floor lamps—an eye-catching array of structures that Gerst says happen to be lamps. “It was a process of experimenting with shapes and forms and letting the forms dictate what the end use is going to be,” Gerst said.

Inspired by the striking geometric designs of the legendary mid-century architect Buckminster Fuller, the lighting series evokes modern, geometric form and textile design. Colorful Washington State-sourced string crisscrosses between a wooden frame to create the artfully designed lamps.

“It’s unique, it’s modern, it’s striking, it’s art meets function,” Gerst said.

Each model is offered in 90 different color variations of string, so customers can customize lamps to match interior decor. Gerst plans to debut new product every three months — his next project will be concrete and wooden floor planters. The creative process at the company is one of collaboration, as Gerst works with environmentally concerned local businesses including a furniture maker, laser engraver, and ceramic mold manufacturer to produce the hand-made lamps.

“Small businesses helping other like minded companies that are conscious of the environment is really important,” Gerst said.

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Image courtesy North for the Summer

No brick and mortar for North For the Summer yet, but The Joinery just picked up the Andromeda Lighting Series where his lamps are available for sale along with his website

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