Located within the forested Mount Hood Corridor amid masses of rhododendron (this is the town of Rhododendron) stands a mountain-modern, 2,500-square-foot vacation rental property.

But this isn't just any Airbnb; this is also the (completely renovated) second home of Matthew Dakotah, a longtime design and architecture editor and former Marie Claire staffer. A few years ago, the Portland native decided to return to Oregon after years of living all over the country: New York, LA, San Francisco. He had a plan, and it involved his family. First, he collaborated with his mother, his sister, and a lifelong friend to purchase and renovate a Portland fourplex, where they all currently live together. The next step for this power team—complete as of this past May—was to execute Dakotah's dream of a vacation home in the mountains for all to enjoy.

Given his years of experience as an interior designer, Dakotah wanted the Rhododendron property to reflect the beauty of the Mount Hood landscape, focusing on warm minimalist accents like metals, reclaimed woods, and organic elements to give the home a rustic, earthy feel.

“What we were really envisioning with the project was to create a dreamy, all-seasons mountain escape that’s super inspiring and luxurious, but that’s also grounded, comfortable, and cozy,” says Dakotah. “We have people visiting from all across the state, the country, and the world. It’s about creating a memorable experience for them.”

The circa 1990s home accommodates eight people and features three bedrooms, two and a half baths, and—one of Dakotah’s favorite spaces on the property—a covered outdoor lounge complete with cozy modern furnishings and a reflective copper gas fireplace.

“The vision of that space was to create a modern take on the traditional alpine hut, somewhere where guests could enjoy a cocktail or cup of coffee rain, shine, or snow,” Dakotah says. Beaverton builder Ismael Mejia helped bring Dakotah’s vision for the lounge to life, along with the "infinity deck" and an outdoor covered grill station.

The home renovations and landscaping officially wrapped in May. The vacation home also now includes a movie room, complete with a six-foot retractable screen, projector, and leather sofas, a fully equipped kitchen, and a dining hall decorated with original Pacific Northwest art that accommodates up to 10.

“It really is meant to be a special, very special, memorable getaway for people that is far beyond what is typically offered on other Airbnb listings,” Dakotah says.

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