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Step Up Your Gardening Game This Spring with These 5 Regional Products

A good pair of gloves go a long way. Trust us.

By Gabriel Granillo Photography by Katie Leimbach March 21, 2022 Published in the Spring 2022 issue of Portland Monthly

(From top left, clockwise) Fearless Gardening by Loree Bohl, hand trowel from Bridgetown Garden Tools, diamond hoe from Red Pig Garden Tools, the Oregon Glove from Oregon Glove Company, and soap from Bridgetown Garden Tools

Fearless Gardening

“There is no right way to garden,” writes Loree Bohl in this personality-packed guide. Between debunking gardening commandments and discussing growing unexpected plants, the author encourages readers to be bold. While Bohl highlights her own philosophies, she’s cognizant of the ways in which gardening can be fluid, entirely dependent upon how one chooses to dream up their garden., $25

Hand Trowel

Designed by Bridgetown Garden Tools owner and founder Brian Connelly, who tapped local blacksmith Seth Pauley for production, this 12-inch hand trowel features slightly sharpened edges that seamlessly slide into dirt, an American hickory handle, and a leather strap for storage., $35

Diamond Hoe

Pauley’s own company, Lake Oswego–based Red Pig Garden Tools, offers a variety of handmade steel options built with durability and longevity in mind. To pick one thing to add to your arsenal, Pauley recommends the diamond hoe, a handheld, four-sided scuffle perfect for removing pesky weeds while keeping your delicate garden babies unscathed., $35–40 (long-handled version $75–80)

The Oregon Glove

This is Oregon Glove Company’s flagship product for good reason. Made in OGC’s Salem workshop and styled in black, cognac, silver, or tan, the deceptively soft Oregon Glove is made with goatskin to help protect you from nicks, splinters, and thorns while clearing out your garden beds to make room for something new., $50

Hand Soap

Don’t forget to snag these gardener’s hand soaps, available in eucalyptus aloe, orange aloe, oatmeal milk and honey, and peppermint., $7–8