Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show

Pedal Power

Two-wheeled innovations abound

November 5, 2009

Patrons at the Handmade Bicycle Show were tempted by the smells of barbecue as they made their way from booth to booth in the Staver Locomotive Industrial Building.

Crowded into the Staver Locomotive Building on Sunday, November 1, was transportation of a different and more sustainable sort. Handmade bicycles were perched atop the toy train tracks that permanently reside in the venue, though on this day, the tracks snaked through dozens of booths, home to the sleek rides and their designers, along with some cycle-centric gadgets and garments. Halloween weekend marked the second installation of the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show in the past three years, presented by the Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association, a nonprofit organization that came into being two years ago, and whose founders were showing their own bicycle designs alongside fellow artisans. Because custom-made cycles are a niche market, these bike engineers need as much publicity as they can get. The show is an effort to promote marketing and production of the commissioned cycles, an industry in which cultivating a relationship with the designer is just as important as coming away with a bicycle to fit your every need. And what a host of characters the would-be cyclist might meet…

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