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June 21, 2011

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Looking for a pint of Heater Allen Shwarz in your neighborhood? There’s an app for that, In fact there are a couple apps for that! Intern Griffin Funk has compiled a list of indispensable iPhone and Android applications that put beer information and nearby locations on tap. (all free, of course)

Six Pack Equivalent Calculator (Android and iPhone): Got a six-pack and nothin’ to do? Why not calculate the actual price of the Das Boot or that Yard of Ale you expertly finished last weekend. No mental math here. Just enter the cost of your beer and the size (growler, pint, imperial pint, etc.) and the app will tell you the price of that brew if you were to purchase it in six pack form.

Happy Houred (iPhone): Finding the best place to spend the happiest hours of the day is now a three-step process.
1: Pick your drink (beer, wine, shots, mixed drinks or food).
2: Select the day and time.
3: Pick your city.
The app then displays all the deals in your area.

BeerWhere (Android): Next time you and you’re buddies are planning a pub-crawl look no further than BeerWhere. This app displays all beer stores, pubs and breweries residing a set distance (chosen by the user) away from your current location. The map features clickable pins that link you to the establishments website so you can check out the beer selection and food menu.

Taplister (iPhone): No longer struggle to find that Ridgeway IPA from Gilgamesh Brewing, Taplister will help you find it. The app allows you to search for a specific beer or view the entire tap list of a particular bar.

Beer Cloud (Android and iPhone): Never question what to dine on whilst drinking again. This app has an ever-growing list of 3,000 beers and suggestions for what foods (things more substantial than peanuts, overly salted popcorn and Chex mix) to pair them with. Also, find your favorite beers in your neighborhood and learn a little bit more about the world of beer styles with the beer & brewery description section.

Beerby (Android and iPhone): “What was that pilsner we drank the other night?” We’ve all received or sent that text message, and this app will help you answer it correctly.
Keep track of the delicious, the gross and the strange beers (hemp beer anybody?) that you have put down by utilizing . Also features a 30,000-beer database and a map that displays nearby watering holes and what people have drank there recently.

Grab Another Beer (iPhone): Never mistakenly order an O’Doul’s again! This app lets you keep a personal beer journal of all the suds that you have tried. Now that may be a journal that someone else wants to read! Also search through 7, 000 beers to give you an idea of what to try, and what to skip.

Beer Brands (iPhone): Stuck in a rut? Find yourself drinking the same beer every weekend? This app features over 7,800 beer brands with information about food pairings, the brewery itself, and much more. Cheers!

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