One Sentence Stories

September 21, 2012

 A new “Portland-themed” restaurant recently opened in Vancouver, BC, creating a trade deficit that could be remedied if they send us one really amazing dim sum place.




A sighting of porn legend Ron Jeremy, chatting on his cell phone at the edge of a film shoot in Northeast’s Wilshire Park, hints that Portland’s cinema boom is heading in exciting new directions.




The effort to brand the tech-industry scene in Eugene (and Springfield!) as the “Silicon Shire” is either desperately brilliant or brilliantly desperate.





Favorable cable TV coverage created block-long lines at the downtown food cart Big-Ass Sandwiches, along with a new insta-micro-black market: sandwich scalping.






US soccer star Abby Wambach tweeted a request for Portland contractor recommendations during the Olympics, which suggests that winning gold is not as all-consuming as one might think.

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