Local Time Traveler…and More!

Micro-stories about space suits, beer, and Justin Bieber's chest baring.

Edited by Zach Dundas November 21, 2012

Portland State professor Cameron Smith’s homemade space suit, built with hardware store parts and a 1970s Soviet fighter-pilot helmet, takes Portland’s DIY fascination to soaring new heights.




In describing himself as an “old man trying to dress up ... like a young pop musician,” Typhoon front man Kyle Morton captured the essence of Portland’s entire vinyl-loving, cardigan-sporting indie scene.




GQ left Portland off its list of “Best Beer Cities,” but local brewers were too busy winning 24 medals at the Great American Beer Festival to notice. 




Pop heartthrob Justin Bieber’s wardrobe adjustment during a recent Rose Garden show triggered a global social media avalanche: “OMG Justin just lifted up his shirt!! Why R U doing this to me??”



Andrew Basiago, a Vancouver, Washington, lawyer who claims he frequently traveled through time as part of a secret government program, read all these stories long before you did.





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