City Council Astrology

An astrologer predicts how our new city council will collaborate—and clash!

By Marty Patail December 12, 2012

As Mayor Charlie Hales and Commissioner Steve Novick join three veteran city council members this month, we asked Emily Trinkaus, a Portland astrologer and relationship expert, for insight on how personae might mesh—or mash. “They show a general tendency to put aside personal concerns and small-mindedness,” Trinkaus notes, hopefully. But one on one, watch out. 


Conflict risk: Medium Hales’s Mercury is opposite to Novick’s Mars in Leo. Hales and Novick share idealism, rebelliousness, community-mindedness. “But,” Trinkaus says, “they may have shifting senses of identity that make it hard for them to even know who they are.” Novick, she adds, may oppose Hales’s ideas simply to grandstand himself and his ideas.



CONFLICT RISK: Medium Nick Fish’s Sun and Mercury in Libra form a challenging square to Novick’s Venus in Capricorn. Fish’s chart indicates a tendency to value being nice over being right—at odds with Novick’s pragmatism.



Conflict risk: High Novick’s Mars in Leo forms a tense square to Amanda Fritz’s Taurus Sun. A relationship ripe for frustration. Fritz’s Taurus nature makes her humble and low-key, which, Trinkaus says, is in stark contrast to Novick’s penchant for the dramatic. 



Conflict risk: Low Dan Saltzman’s Mercury and Venus form a supportive angle (sextile—60 degrees) to Novick’s Sun. But these two may want to postpone the postwork beers. “They may think they’re in agreement on some point,” Trinkaus says, “only to find that they’re not.”





Conflict risk: Very Low Hales’s Aquarius Sun forms a harmonious trine to Fish’s Libra Sun. Hales and Fish are likely to work together easily, showing groovy angles in Mercury (communication) and Venus (collaboration).



Conflict risk: High Fritz’s Sun in down-to-earth Taurus forms a square to Hales’s Aquarius Sun. Grab the popcorn. Hales’s tendency to want to act quickly will find no support in Fritz. “Their signs indicate clashes about how to go about achieving their goals,” Trinkaus says.



Conflict risk: Low Saltzman’s Mars and Saturn are square to Hales’s Sun. Saltzman and Hales will probably cooperate effectively, though Hales could feel tethered by the pragmatic veteran. “Saltzman will try to pin down Charlie’s fluidity,” Trinkaus says.


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