One Sentence Stories: January 2013

Micro-stories about racists, high schoolers making wine, and stink bugs

By Zach Dundas December 12, 2012


The hamburger truck that crashed and burned on I-84 cruises into the history books as Portland’s most mouthwatering traffic accident ever.





Booze News 1: The downtown bar Kask’s benefit Manhattans for Manhattan” made helping Hurricane Sandy victims fun, as far as anyone can remember




A suitably vicious, deeply Oregonian way to deal with Asia’s invasive brown stinkbugs, expected to winter in our homes this year: freeze them overnight and consign them to compost!





Before they get too smug, our blue-state majority partisans should check out Oregon’s Texas-esque place in a ranking of the rate of racist tweets after November’s election.


Booze News 2: Yamhill’s new high school viticulture program easily trumps the self-taught alcohol curriculum offered at most high schools.


OK, it’s a little old, but the Halloween headline haunted house SENDS VANCOUVER MOM INTO LABOR is basically the definition of a One Sentence Story. 

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