Word on the Street: Yawn Voyage

What Portlanders are saying—or should be.

May 1, 2013

Yawn voyage (yahwn voy-aaaaahj, n)

Blasé Portlanders’ travel experience when they hear about other cities’ chef’s tables, pickling scenes, bike-friendliness, etc. 

In a sentence “I went to Cincinnati specifically to get away from Portland—to sleep by a highway and eat at a strip mall. But I kept ending up on bike tours to artisan supper clubs in some neighborhood called ‘Over-the-Rhine.’ Total yawn voyage.” 

Antonym:  Dalles disorder (n)—Some Portlanders’ anxiety on the far side of an imaginary line, defined by the 85 miles from here to The Dalles, where they fear they won’t find good coffee.

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