The Portland Pulitzers

As the Oregonian sheds reporters and editors*, we bestow the first (and last) awards for the journalistic voices Portland will miss.

By Randy Gragg August 1, 2013 Published in the August 2013 issue of Portland Monthly

Image: Nomad

THE HUNGER + LEFT-LEANING OPINION AWARD goes to the last card-carrying liberal on the newspaper’s editorial board: David Sarasohn pressed both politicians and the public on Oregon’s dismal record for feeding its citizens. THEATER! DANCE! MUSIC! This trophy (an intricately carved wind chime) will rotate between the homes of wry Ryan White and earnest Marty Hughley. Both proved that writers willing to learn beats and give a damn still have a place. Or should. THE COAL TRAIN & RADON AWARD commemorates environmental reporter Scott Learn’s sober, tilt-free insights on the Northwest’s present and future. THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY PRIZE In notoriously unchurched Portland, religion reporter Nancy Haught covered the city’s vast spectrum of spiritual convictions with empathy, understanding, and a willingness to question the churches’ higher authority. THE SCHOOL’S OUT FOREVER DIPLOMA It’s recess full-time for many-award-winning education reporter Bill Graves. THE PUTTING-OREGON-IN-THE-OREGONIAN MEDALS In their roving coverage of the state, Lori Tobias and Dick Cockle connected Portland to the Pacific Wonderland’s far corners. THE STREET BEAT SERENADE will be sung to Casey Parks, whose dogged coverage of neighborhood news gave the paper fine-grained community detail.

*Comrades, take heart—the online commenters who now supply the bulk of the O’s digital “content” aren’t getting paychecks, either. 

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