Word on the Street: Car2Slow

What Portlanders are saying—or should be.

December 2, 2013 Published in the December 2013 issue of Portland Monthly

Car2Slow (n): The frustration that triggers a dark urge in otherwise law-abiding Portland drivers to speed, accelerate at yellow lights, and drive erratically while renting a vehicle from Car2Go, which charges by the minute. 

In a sentence:  I’m rarely in a hurry. But whenever I see a stoplight ahead, I remember I’m paying 38 cents a minute and hit the gas. This Car2Slow!

See also: Unsmart car; taxi ataxia; that awkward moment when you decide to blow a light on your bike even though you’re usually lecturing people about how bikes are legal vehicles, just like cars. (They’re not like cars.)

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