THIS MONTH, in honor of our annual schools feature, we handed the whole Portland Monthly staff and interns a pop quiz. Overall, we did...OK. 

One seemingly harmless exercise produced some especially perplexing answers: listing the correct names to the streets in the so-called Alphabet District. We combined our favorite wrong answers into a map of Northwest Portland never before seen, until now.

0214 portland iq map d7pjyh

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Highlight the lines below to reveal the answers:

1. 1851
2. Pettygrove
3. 600,000
4. 1912
5. George Bush Sr.
6. Bahia, Brazil
7. 200 miles
8. Vera Katz
9. 1977
10. 39 inches
11. an owner of Voodoo Donuts
12. 11,000 ft

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