Introducing Our 2014 Light a Fire Winners

Our 10th annual celebration of good deeds honors the individuals and organizations who make Portland a better place to live, love, give, and grow.

October 24, 2014

Keeping us Healthy: Zenger Farm
Cultivating healthy eaters in the Northwest

Exceptional Community Contribution: Operation Pitch Invasion
Unleashing the power of organized fandom on soccer’s grassroots 

New Nonprofit: College Possible
Attacking the poverty cycle by teaming up with low-income students

Caring for the Planet: Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership
Restoring the Columbia River’s vital ecosystems  

Most with the Least: Urban Gleaners
Tackling food waste by redistributing excess to those who need it most 

Inspiring Creativity: Portland Playhouse
Reimagining community theater with innovation and inclusivity

Game Changing Project: All Hands Raised
Intervening at crucial moments in local schoolkids’ lives

Extraordinary Volunteer: Connie Kramer of Store to Door
Helping seniors and those with disabilities live full, independent lives

Emerging Leader: Anna Allen of NAYA
Overcoming adversity to become a leader for Native American youth

Extraordinary Board Member: Diane O'Connor of the Ovarian Cancer Alliance
Advocating for the patients and survivors of an often misunderstood disease

Extraordinary Executive Director: Andrew Proctor of Literary Arts
Broadening the diversity and scope of Portland’s literary empire

Lifetime Achievement: Kathy Oliver of Outside In
Helping homeless and low-income communities lead healthy, productive lives

 Inspired? We've compiled a practical menu of options for lending your support to our 12 Light a Fire winners, whether you're up for donating your time, money, experience, or enthusiasm.

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