The New York Times Has Been Obsessed With Portland Even Longer Than We Thought

From 1854 to today, the Gray Lady has played our city hot and cold.

By Marty Patail March 1, 2016 Published in the March 2016 issue of Portland Monthly

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1854 “It is enough to say that since the 1st of November until about two weeks ago [March], there was a continued rain or dampness.”

1916 “I have toured Europe and America and there is nothing anywhere like it. It needs only to be better known. Eventually you will be unable to keep them away.”

“Alas, poor Portland. The parking lot blitz hit and turned it into a bombed-out city.

“In some ways, Portland is a city of ‘good-smalls’: a good small art museum, a good small zoo ... and so on.

“The city is a complicated place, struggling with government budget cuts, manufacturing losses and the housing downturn.”

“There is no place in the country better known as a bastion of good living, leisure and happy inebriation than Oregon’s largest little city. The city’s sensibility—its stylized aesthetic, its thoroughly hyped food culture, its taste for irony—is celebrated, imitated and satirized.”

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