Is This the Greatest Disc Golf Shot of All Time?

Magic happened in Milo McIver State Park this week.

By Lisa Dunn June 15, 2016

“How does he—? Where does it even—?” 

That’s been the Internet's reaction to a three-under-par shot pro-disc golfer Philo Brathwaite made during an event at Oregon’s very own Milo McIver State Park disc golf course earlier this week. Watch the full video here.

This albatross (see below) is being called the greatest disc golf shot of all time (seems not unreasonable), and is garnering the attention of Golf Digest and SB Nation

Chances are, if you like disc golf, you really like disc golf—spending your free time roving between Pier Park, Dabney, and others—and this is exciting news. But if you’re not a fan, then you probably have questions. Like: what does a giant seabird have to do with disc golf? You can go pro in disc golf? Golf Digest is still a thing?

Let’s break this down:

  • Brathwaite's is a three-under-par shot, also known as a double-eagle, also known as an albatross. And it's near-legendary. 
  • Yes, you can, indeed, go pro. California-based Brathwaite himself has been pro since 2005, and he’s earned over $67,000 in winnings in his decade-long career. He even offers private lessons.
  • Golf Digest is still very much a thing.
  • Disc golf uses real golf terms, because they’re basically the same sport.

The shot, in all seriousness, is extraordinary. It looks almost unreal—the way it curves with the course and lands with force in the basket. Unfortunately the shot wasn’t enough for Brathwaite to clinch the title—he came in second.

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