Winter Relaxation: Marijuana

Best Weed Strains for Winter Bliss

A Portland budtender shares three top picks.

By Marty Patail December 20, 2016 Published in the January 2017 issue of Portland Monthly

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These dank months are best spent as a cloistered monk: eyes buried in heavy tomes, minds alive in contemplation. The high priests of local cannabis are there to help. “It’s important to concentrate on body effects,” says Matthew Criscione, 44, a budtender at the Pearl District’s Oregon’s Finest and a writer for Dope magazine. “Say you’re going skiing. You’re going to want something that gets your body temperature up.”

We asked Criscione for his winter-bliss picks. 

YOU: Trying to keep your New Year’s resolutions

THE CHOICE: Cherry Pie (Seven Point Farms)
“It contains [the cannabinoid] THCV, a slightly different molecule than regular THC. It tends to give you a happier high, and it’s an appetite suppressant.”

YOU: Watching Cosmos

THE CHOICE: Stephen Hawking Kush (Sofresh Farms)
“A very nice one for the long winter nights. You get just a little bit stoned, but mostly a relaxed and general sense of well-being.”

YOU: Playing X-Box

THE CHOICE: Harle-Tsu (Sofresh Farms)
“A very relaxing body high, without the disassociation of being psychoactively stoned.

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