0717 shakedown summer xgofp8

↑ Upside

  • Still time to patch it up with crazy yacht-owning uncle before Blues Festival
  • No one live-tweeting political conventions this time around
  • Prozac prescription just ran out anyway
  • Tears from people complaining about the heat oh so thirst quenching
  • Summer vacation puts child labor laws in new light
  • Tiny pours at summer beer fests prepare you for future rationing
  • Of course no one peed in the pool

↓ Downside

  • Last six months of procrastinating yard work seems like a bad idea now
  • Trespassers won’t stay away from your personal public swimming holes
  • Friends definitely having more fun than you 
  • Any work absence now looks suspicious
  • Shirts off for everyone! (Everyone.)
  • All those Tour de France cosplayers
  • Bryan Adams unlikely to memorialize this one 
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